Dentox Reviews – Dr. Howard Katz Reviews

Jean G. Thompson

When you start a career in the medical field you are made aware right away that continuing education would be a very important part of your life; after all, medicine is constantly changing and if you don’t keep up with it you may be unaware of important, breaking new ideas. One such idea that I’ve come upon recently is the many new uses for Botox injections; they’re not just for plastic surgery anymore. I needed to do some continuing education to keep my medical license current, so after some initial research into the new uses for Botox I signed up for this class to see how much I could learn about it, as well as potential uses for my practice. After taking it I decided to sign up the other physicians at my practice as well as the office manager because we can definitely learn from, and use, Botox.


Maria C. Torres

What an absolutely amazing course; the fact that it’s taught by Dr. Howard Katz, the co-creator of the only FDA approved human injectable form of Botox was enough to make me sign up as soon as I learned it existed. The course was full of so much interesting, as well as useful, information that actually convinced our medical office to make sure everyone learned from this course and now our beautiful certificate of completion hangs in my office so that all our patients are aware that we are well versed in the many uses of Botox, and can provide them with those services if they require them in any way, for whatever reason. The course even showed us how to charge for these services and insurance codes to use for our insured patients; if you’re thinking about using Botox in your office, take this course.


Chris N. Forbush

I had no idea that we could actually find good, quality, thorough training about all the approved Botulinum Toxin injections online until an old colleague of mine told me about this course when we were discussing the many recently realized benefits. The course was really easy to use, had a lot of incredibly useful information in it, and it was impressively interactive for a computer course. I could even chat with my instructor in real time if there was something I didn’t understand nor needed clarification. The entire dental office has now learned about the benefits of offering Botox injections to our patients, and we’ve even had a few patients show interest in giving it a try. Dr. Katz definitely knows what he’s talking about, and makes it easy to learn all the information quickly and easily.



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