How Did Holistic Dentistry Come About?

holistic dental symbolDentistry is an ancient practice, thousands of years old. The human race has always done everything they’ve known to do to keep themselves in the best possible health, and our teeth are an important part of that. Even the Ancient Greeks wrote about teeth, while Ancient Egyptians worked hard to find ways to cure toothache, and the Romans created a tremendous variety of dental solutions.

The world of dentistry has come a long way from the Victorian era when poor children were taken into dental offices so their teeth could be harvested for use by the wealthy.  One of the more recent advances that is beginning to take center stage is holistic dentistry.  Let’s talk a little bit about holistic dentistry came about.

While many see holistic dentistry as a modern fad that will soon disappear, holistic dentistry has actually been around for very long time, considering that it takes much of its teachings from Ancient Chinese medicine.  The Ancient Chinese believed that, while different parts of the body did different things, those systems do not work in isolation.  Holistic dentistry, like Ancient Chinese medicine, holds that all parts of the body are interdependent on one another.  If one part of the body is harmed, other parts will experience harm as a result.  This is why many holistic dentists will discuss with patients things like their diets, exercise, lifestyles, and other health issues they may be experiencing, along with anything else that may be relevant.  This is because your diet can influence your oral health just as much as problems with your teeth can give you headaches.

Adding Ancient Chinese principles to modern dental advancements provides the ideal solution for anyone concerned about being treated as a whole person rather than a person consisting of separate and independent parts, and is interested in seeing a dentist who follows the most modern dentistry.

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